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1104-1118 Devon Road Bell Block, New Plymouth

Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm.

Located in an easy access yard in Bell Block, this “local yard” has been the home of Taranaki Building Removers Limited for 22 years. As is today, the past years of operations have brought hives of activity.

During the 1970’s-80’s, Sandy and his team hauled over 500 brand new Keith Hay Transportable homes & buildings. With family stepping in to learn the business, with its key philosophy of keeping costs down without sacrificing quality, his own grandson Chris Southcombe will now take you through the move to your dream. Being the kid he was, Chris did not miss a chance to tag along and be with his mate to witness, feel and know the smiles on the faces of the Taranaki families who rightfully trusted Taranaki Building Removers with their family homes.

Born and bred in Taranaki, Chris was brought up with the moving gene in his blood, a passion that ensures the future ability of Taranaki families keep those smiles and make their dreams a reality. With Sandy’s 48 years, Chris and the loyal crew of four have over 110 years of experience between them you can rest assured your home will be taken care of… a fact well recognised within the local community. Taranaki

Building Removers Ltd can move almost anything and no dream is too big for the Local Movers.
All of our buildings are GST inclusive in the price. But we don’t stop there with what we do. Included in the price is:

• Plans supplied for the building, self-signed off by a licensed architect, ready for you to hand in to your Local Council with their forms and fees.
• Purchase of the building, delivered to your site on to new H5 timber pile foundations and secured to the foundations with 12kn stainless steel connections to the standard of NZS3604.

Building and homes are large items to move. Sometimes the building may need to be cut in half or roof lowered. Don’t be alarmed at all about that thought, as we have done this all before. We suggest that the house goes through a minor earthquake. Reinstatement of the house includes the removal of the roof and re-joining with new timber.

Normally floor and ceiling joists with rafters, purlins and roof supports. Any iron that comes off we roof paper under and new nails. Effectively, the house becomes stronger thanit was with extra timber added.
Taranaki Building Removers Limited can help you though this process if you require assistance. Some titles may have restrictive covenants that prohibit the placement of relocated houses, so please check with your solicitor prior to purchasing. The council requires the following:

• Provision of the legal description.
• Plans provided and signed off by an LBP architect, handed to you in a sealed envelope ready to go to your Local Council. Photos of exterior/Floor plan/Pile Plan/Elevations/Calculations/NZS3604 pages/Site plan measuring the house off all boundaries.
• Resource and Building Consent applications to be filled out with all fees they ask for to be paid in full.
• Plumbing and effluent reports. Also your electrician needsto get involved.
• Demolition permits to remove the dwelling from old site. (Check with your local council as some don’t require this)

The process can take up to 20 working days to be assessed, processed and accepted with the plans handed back to you stamped and approved. We cannot set a tread of our tyres on your site until we have received this written confirmation. In that process they will visit the site to asses how much bond will be charged, by viewing the outside only. The bond will be set by condition of building and site work required to bring it up to standard. This is at your cost and bond is refundable.
It all starts with a dream, Sandy says on a daily basis, to deliver a superior service that allows families to realise their dreams and aspirations. Sandy Southcombe realised this dream and just like the trucks he operated, rolled the new business venture out of his home gate and down the road to the unknown future. 23 years young at the time, behind the wheel of his trusted Thames Trader, the very first building for removal was being completed. A rewarding experience that still trickles in his blood today, almost 50 years later.

Sandy’s dream that has brought him and the business well in to the present, being Taranaki’s number one most experienced, trusted and loyal House Moving company. He pulled out of the driveway on that day on Fox Street in Opunake with the Trader in full revs to his first move, with the vision of being ‘Locally Owned & Operated, while moving the dreams of Taranaki Families, since that day in 1967’.
We recommend insurance, whether this is through own our providers or arranged by yourself. If the building is insured with us, we provide you with the certificate, which cover the building from the time we commence work on the building until we have it secured to its new foundations. Insurance for the property after the move is completed is your responsibility.

If you are organising your own insurance, we cannot start work till we have a stamp certificate confirming the insurance.
Once we have dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s outlining the proposed job at hand, our verbal agreement gets converted into a simple contract, attached with the Standard Terms & Conditions fronted and Cover Letter outlining the move and any requirements. Taranaki Building Removers Limited requires a 50% deposit and Insurance, together with the contract signed to commence work on the move.

Our thorough scope ensures that there are NO HIDDEN COSTS!! However, there are sometimes issues under the topsoil that must be addressed. Consultation with an approved engineer should be secured prior to the move. The remaining balance is then expected (14) days after the day we complete the job.

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We want to make the process of finding your ideal home or building as easy and stress free as possible. Our website cannot get any more straight forward and easy to use. Simply look through our listings to find what is available. Updated daily with new stock as it comes on board, the majority of the properties available are able to be viewed in our Building storage yard, at 1104-1118 Devon Road, Bell Block. Feel free to visit us anytime as the place is never closed, and you are always welcome..

If we don’t have a building currently in stock that meets your specific requirements, we have implemented an easy to use “house matching” system. Simply visit our website and click on the House Match link, where you will be greeted by a simple form to complete, asking simple questions to get all the key details of your ideal building. Once we have something that meets this criteria, we will get in contact with you. Just another way we are keeping your dream alive.
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