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Family Homes Can Grow with Your Needs Without the Big Price Tag

Using a house or section of a house for house additions is an extremely cost effective way to complete alterations. Furthermore, if extra space is what you need, smaller granny flat style buildings are a great solution if you have some space at your current property. Need extra space now, but don’t want to pay for the building costs for a new construction? We’ve got you covered.

Need a New Lounge?

Need more space to spread out in your home? Do you want a new lounge or an extension on your current lounge area? Attaching a section of a building to your current is an immediate method of getting that extra space for you and your family when you need it. No waiting for building time. Simply select the building section and Taranaki Building Removers will arrange delivery to your property. We will even advise on suitable builders who will attach the section to your home.

How About a Bedroom?

Do you have an expanding family and require extra bedrooms, but the cost of building or buying anew house just doesn’t fit in with you budget? Have you ever thought of attaching a section of a current house or a smaller portable property? Not only will this provide a cheaper alternative that is achievable but it will increase the value of your current property … a double win!! This process is easier than you think. Let the team at Taranaki Building Removers achieve your goals quicker and cheaper. They are more than happy to provide the advice you need to make the correct decision.

Or Just Want More Space

For whatever reason, you just want a bit more space. Just like the aforementioned extensions for adding lounge space and bedrooms to your current property, the addition of a building or section of, can be completed to any part of your home. Alternatively, you may have the space to position a separate smaller property within the section. The friendly team at Taranaki Building Removers will visit your site and view the property to find out what options are available to you.

See How it Possible to Expand Your Current Home

Easily and Affordably